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8 critical steps to defending the corporation

An interesting article in the spring edition of Enterprise Risk magazine entitled "is anyone watching the back door?" by Sean Lyons. The article questions if a new focus on corporate defence is in order, we believe it is below are the key take outs -


  • Governance: How the organisation is directed, managed, and controlled all the way from the boardroom to the front-lines.

  • Risk: How the organisation identifies, measures, and manages the risks it is exposed to.

  • Compliance: How the organisation ensures that its activities are in conformance with all relevant mandatory and voluntary requirements.

  • Intelligence: How the organisation ensures that it gets the right information, for the right purpose, in the right format, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Security: How the organisation ensures that it protects its critical assets from threats and danger, its people, information, technology, and facilities.

  • Resilience: How the organisation ensures that it has the capacity to withstand, rebound, or recover from the direct and indirect consequences of a shock, disturbance, or disruption.

  • Controls: How the organisation ensures that it has taken appropriate actions in order to address risk and to help ensure that the organisation’s objectives will be achieved.

  • Assurance: The system in place to provide a degree of con dence or level of comfort to the stakeholders that everything is operating in a satisfactory manner.

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